Archive of March 2008

Is Replacing QuickBooks On Your Agenda? Should It Be?

Millions of small businesses use Intuit’s QuickBooks. However, there’s a few dozen other accounting / bookkeeping programs on the market including Sage’s Peachtree, Cougar Mountain Software, Everest, NetBooks and others. Intacct has positioned itself as the accounting solution for companies who have outgrown QuickBooks. Dan Druker, Intacct SVP Marketing and Business Development helps us understand […]

Another Reason Not To Use Excel

Excel is a great tool, if you use it properly. Using it properly means only using it for “spreadsheet” activities – for number crunching and NOT using it for databases and other things where a true database or contact management tool would be better suited. Many of you, I do it too, use Excel for […]

Cool & Useful Web Apps: Try Them With Caution

This nice thing about some of the web applications from emerging startups is that they are hot, new and most have great interfaces. However as CNet’s Rade Needleman writes Most of them were very early-stage, so you might not want to entrust your business to them. At the Under The Radar Conference, similar to Demo, […]

Your Point of Sale System: Powerful Asset for Retailers

When you walk into your local retail store you probably don’t notice the cash register that’s ringing up your sales. You notice the cashier, most likely, but not the cash register or point of sale (POS) system being used. Although many small business retailers use POS systems a good number of them rely on paper/pencil […]

Never Pay For Tech Services That Should Be Free

InfoWorld is reporting that Sony is charging customers $50 to remove needless trial-ware software from some notebook computers. I understand that Sony (as their competitors do) gets money from these companies to add the software to computers, however, it’s very bone headed to charge customers for something they never asked for and that could be […]

Linux Is Still Not Viable for Most Customers

Last night I was in an informal get together with a group of gentlemen (it was a private meeting my not mentioning the details) and we had an interesting discussion about Windows vs Mac. Bottom line is that clearly many people are buying Macintosh computers for two reasons: due to the overall frustration and complexity […]