An Introduction To Online Marketing: Is A Widget In Your Plan?

When I hear and see traditional marketing, I think of how “traditional” it really is.
Radio advertising, print advertising (magazines), Yellow Page advertising, bill boards (did I miss anything) they are all so analog and relatively very difficult to track results except in large numbers and by having a special telephone number or offer code.
I then look at the world of online marketing and although it’s much cheaper to start (just a few dollars or nothing but time) it is a bit difficult to really do it right and does take some level of expertise. However, online marketing is a MUST for your business. You simply must learn how to market your business online, know the new terminology and the best venues for YOUR business.
Do you use Facebook or Google. Do you do local advertising with or turn to cell phone advertisings?

BtoB Magazine gives a nice primer of some of the tools for online marketing here.
The magazine writes about widgets which is something that larger businesses often develop. Widgets are small applets that you can embed on a web site or on a computer desktop. The widget can do whatever you want it to do. Often the widgets I’ve seen, are used to display information. Weather, ticker symbols, etc.
Imagine if you had a widget for your customers who frequently ordered from you and the widget turned from yellow to green when the most recent package they ordered was shipped. Or a widget for new customers that displayed a marketing tip of the day.
BtoB Magazine writes The ability to deliver fully functioning applications (versus static ads) with seamless branding is a marketer’s dream, enabling full user engagement. Consumer companies such as Coca-Cola Co., Toyota Motor Sales USA and Harley-Davidson USA have launched marketing-oriented widgets. As b-to-b-oriented social networks (beyond just LinkedIn) emerge—and if OpenSocial takes off on the wider Web—widgets could be an important tool for b-to-b marketers.