Another Reason Not To Use Excel

excel2007.jpgExcel is a great tool, if you use it properly. Using it properly means only using it for “spreadsheet” activities – for number crunching and NOT using it for databases and other things where a true database or contact management tool would be better suited.

Many of you, I do it too, use Excel for so many things as it’s so easy to use. You just open it up and begin typing. However, as your data needs expands, it’s important to use a tool that’s built for your needs. An accounting program for bookkeeping; a database for inventory; and a contact management tool for keeping track of contents. I could go on.
PC World writes that yet another reason to NOT using Excel is security risks: The problem lies in how Excel applications are developed at most businesses. Programmers who build robust network-enabled software are trained to recognize potential security risks and minimize the chance of catastrophic errors. The business managers and other employees who code Excel macros, on the other hand, often have only enough knowledge to be dangerous (as engineers are fond of saying).

One thought on “Another Reason Not To Use Excel

  1. SeattleCPA

    As the author of QuickBooks for Dummies, I guess I’m probably not exactly objective… but whenever some small business client tells me their accounting system is “Microsoft Excel,” I just cringe. (I’m also a certified public accountant.)
    Excel isn’t an accounting solution. People don’t get the accounting info they need when they pretend it is…

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