Are You Facebooking? You Should Be. It’s Time.

facebook.jpgI’ve been using Facebook a lot more and I’ve found it to be a very powerful business tool. More and more small businesses are using Facebook an this is why it’s powerful. While Linkedin is great for the sole purpose of finding people, Facebook is great to KEEP IN TOUCH with friends.

CMP’s Channel Web writes how a New York City based consulting company has used Facebook to snag customers. Lloyd Group recently closed a deal worth about $100,000 with a start-up hedge fund that the VAR connected with through Facebook. And that deal has led to another opportunity that could be worth $500,000.
Now, Eiseman is a true believer in the power of social networking. Although they are in the same city, he didn’t even meet the hedge fund customer in person until after the deal had closed. “For us, Facebook is just an extension of something we’ve always been doing,” Eiseman said.

Anita Campbell, SMB Trendwire recently interview an expert about the uses of Facebook as well.
Anita’s interview with guest, Shama Hyder, Chief Marketing Expert and Founder of After The Launch, will really help you get an overview of how to use Facebook in your business and what you should and should not use. The interview answers questions such as ,b>Why is it better than MySpace or LinkedIn? — There seem to be more small business owners on Facebook. MySpace is more personal and LinkedIn is more of a formal professional site. Facebook operates as both and allows you to expand your network more so than others.
Listen to the full interview here.