Business Etiquette from Anna Post

If you’re a “nice guy” you might have never given thought to business etiquette. Check out Anna Posts’ Business Etiquette Tip Sheet:

  • Webcams: Before hitting accept, think: “Would I go to a meeting like this?” Also, since video-calling is about building more personal relationships, give your full attention to the person you’re speaking with.
  • Email: Remember, if you use a work address for personal e-mail, it’s not just your name on that email it’s your company’s, too.
  • IM/Chat: Grammar rules still apply. Spell out words in full, and don’t forget to spell check!
  • Internet Phone Calls: If not everyone is familiar with using programs such as Skype, ask if they need a little guidance in advance. Have a cheat sheet with some common questions ready to send to them.
  • Speakerphone: Before you put someone on speakerphone, you should always ask their permission, and be sure to announce everyone who is in the room.

See her video of business etiquette here.