Drooling for a Wide Screen Monitor? New Study Justifies The Benefits

The “Productivity, Screens and Aspect Ratio,” study, conducted by the University of Utah and sponsored by NEC, found that employees with larger computer monitors were significantly more productive using 24-inch-or-larger widescreen monitors (1920 by 1200 resolution, or larger) compared to 18-inch displays (1280 by 1024 resolution), according to the research.
This is reported by PC World.
Many (dare I say most) businesses have migrated from from bulky, heavy and institutional colored beige CRT monitors after so many years of dominance to more of them using flat panel, LCD monitors. Although focusing on computers, networking, security and hosted applications is important, you and your employees need to work comfortably.
Browse through your local office supply store and you will turn up a nice selection of ergonomic accessories.