eBook: 49 Pages of Insight and Experience

Last week I was discussing with Clate Mask, CEO of Infusion CRM and another journalist how Clate and his co-founders have grown Infusion CRM and brought it from the brink to what is now a growing company.
Our discussion was quite heart warming and filled with lessons for all small business owners to learn from. I encourage you to download a 49 page copy of Clate’s book, The Edge, here. The book also describes 9 Building Blocks to success in small business.
Clate’s story reminded me of Barry Moltz, author of Bounce. He encourages small businesses that it’s ok to fail – as long as we bounce back!
See Barry’s video of “how people bounce”.

One thought on “eBook: 49 Pages of Insight and Experience

  1. Barry Moltz

    Thanks for the mention. I will download a copy of the book. Also, sometimes when we bounce we do not alwasy bounce back to where we were…sometimes we bounce to a new place!

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