Flash Presentations: Do Them Yourself No Guru Needed

flypaper.jpgFlash presentations are great as you can upload them to a number of social media sites and share them with the world. While traditional Power Point presentations are nice, they are often quite large and not as easy to share online as flash video.

Pat Sullivan, the well-known founder of the leading CRM apps ACT! and SalesLogix, recently launched Flypaper, a software application that helps anyone in business create engaging presentations for the Web or live without the cost and complexities of Flash.

At 87MB this program is pretty big, for a download, but it’s worth the effort if you want to enhance your communication options.
You don’t have to start with a blank slate but can download modules, which you can edit and add to, to create your own Flash based presentations. I’m now downloading the program and will let you know my thoughts once I try it out. You can “time” when any page elements appear or disappear, add effects, change their size, rotate them and make them transparent.
Flypaper is free and their money is made through creating professional content for customers.
Let me know what creations you’ve made in Flypaper and send me other tools you find useful for making presentations.