Hosted Telephone Systems: WSJ

I’ve written about hosted telephone systems many times, but it’s always nice to read about it in a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal:
Justin Leavens manages a gourmet-marshmallow company out of his house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. But his high-end phone system makes customers think he is toiling in a big office with scores of employees.
Callers to Mr. Leavens’s company, Plush Puffs, can dial “9” for a company directory, hit “8” to hear the firm’s mailing address and even punch zero to be transferred to “customer service.” Never mind that Plush Puffs has just four total employees, three of them part-time.
“I’m just sitting here in my living room right now, actually,” says Mr. Leavens, reached on his Plush Puffs extension (12) recently. The company makes its marshmallows in a nearby, professional kitchen.

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