Kinkos, Local Printer or Your Printer?

hpInHouseMarketing.jpgAs color printing gets cheaper, the decision to use your in-house printer, ink and paper or outsource a smaller print job comes into question. HP has some free, pretty neat, software, HP Marketing Resources Software, available here has several good tools you can use.

One of the tools, the HP Print Cost estimator can help you estimate when you should print something in your office or outsource it to Kinkos or a local printer. There’s three tools in total that come with HP Marketing Resources Software:

HP Marketing Resource Center – This is the central hub for all your marketing-material publishing needs. This tool provides links to several resources that can help you design and publish professional-quality documents.
HP Print Cost Estimator – This tool helps you estimate the cost of printing a document “in-house” using your HP Color LaserJet product. HP Print Cost Estimator can provide estimates only for documents that can be printed on a single sheet of paper. The sheet can be printed on one or both sides. This tool also provides information that helps you compare that estimated cost to the estimated cost for printing a similar styled document at an external print-service provider. Please note that estimated costs can vary accordingly.
HP Print View Software – Use HP Print View to produce the results you want. This tool combines the capabilities of a print driver with a real-time print-preview of your document. After you install the HP Marketing Resources software, HP Print View appears in the list of available printers on your computer. Using the tool, you can change various print settings and see immediately how those changes affect your document. When you are satisfied with the print settings, you can print the job directly from HP Print View.