Notebooks: Just Any One Won’t Do When You Need Ultimate Mobility

While a desktop computer can be thrown under a desk and pretty much ignored, your notebook computer can’t. It’s a tool that you use day in and day out and it’s a part of you. When you want to show videos to a client, you want your speakers to be loud. When you need to access an external drive and USB key – you want enough ports. When it drops, you don’t want it to break.
Lenovo’s newest computers is a lightweight beauty and ti’s the X300.
According to Lenovo, The ultra-thin, ultraportable ThinkPad X300 notebook measures less than three-fourths of an inch at its thinnest point, or approximately the height of a U.S. quarter coin, and has a starting weight as low as 2.9 pounds

Lenovo’s press release reads The ThinkPad X3000 notebook combines a number of leading technologies such as solid-state drive storage, a LED backlit display, ultralong battery life and enhanced wireless connectivity. Rated Gold by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for its superior environmental attributes, it also features a number of environmentally-conscious technologies, such as low-voltage processors.
10 hours of battery life is no JOKE and will keep you going all day.
True to its heritage the X300 is built from quite durable material. advanced carbon and glass fiber. And the Roll Cage helps protect the notebook from falls and drops that can occur in mobile environments. If these materials protect airplanes and race cars, I’m sure your notebook is going to be pretty safe.
While $2,800 is pretty steep for most small businesses, if you MUST have the ultimate in mobility the Lenovo 3000 is something to look at.
On the other hand, for many small businesses, you will do just fine spending less – $2,000 for a good notebook. Keep in mind the larger your notebook, 14″ or so and a bit heavier you’ll pay less.
For my current notebook, a Lenovo 3000 model N100, I just bought a new battery to extend the battery life to more than 3 hours…before i was only getting about 1 hour as the batter charge goes out after about a years of use.