Paper: It’s Wonderful When You Don’t Have Any

paperstack.jpgI’m always amazed at the amount of paper that businesses still go through in what I thought was supposed to be an increasingly PAPER LESS environment. There are two solutions for a paper-less office.

  • Scan paper documents and add them to your network.
  • Ensure that all incoming documents are automatically digitized (such as PC based faxing)

Unfortunately your business might not have the luxury of these two options. There’s several scanning solutions you can invest in. eCopy is pretty robust and feature rich.

If your business is drowning in paper, investing in a document imaging solution to turn your paper documents into a seamless digital workflow solution is important. It’s important that the solution you choose integrates with the applications you use. For example, if you use Microsoft Sharepoint, as in the demo I saw, ensure your document imaging solution can integrate with it and automatically add documents to not only a shared folder, but within SharePoint or whatever applications are important to you.
Here’s a look at some solutions from eCopy.
eCopy Desktop is software that improves productivity by enabling you to use desktop MFPs and scanners to scan documents and create PDF files. The software makes it easy to capture, edit and secure paper documents so that users can work with and share these documents just as they would electronic files, like those created using Microsoft Word or Excel. It also enables users to combine paper and electronic files into a single PDF document.
eCopy ShareScan Essentials is software that provides secure, entry-level document scanning and distribution to improve workgroup productivity. With eCopy ShareScan Essentials, office workers can use MFPs to capture paper documents securely and distribute them as PDF files, improving group access to information. The software includes scanning to: E-mail, Fax, Network folders, and eCopy Desktop.
eCopy ShareScan Suite is simply powerful and is an all-encompassing document scanning solution (software and hardware) for business process efficiency with some degree of enterprise application connectivity. The software includes out-of-the-box integration to leading content management, e-mail, fax, database, collaboration and cost recovery software applications, as well as eCopy Desktop. It enables users to work securely and seamlessly with familiar applications from any MFP or scanner on an enterprise network.
I’d highly suggest you check out the eCopy ShareScan Suite here.
Another small business focused solution is from CabinetNG.