Product Review: HP Office Jet 7780

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying out HP’s OfficeJet 7780. It’s a multi-function ink jet printer that combines, faxing, printing and scanning.
hpofficejetl7780.jpgOverall the multi function printer (MFP) is solidly built and easy to use.

Like all large printers, setting can be physically challenging for the week or frail. It’s 40lbs so if you have a bad back, get someone to help you set it up. Once you remove all the safety tape and cardboard and insert the ink cartridges the OfficeJet is ready to use.

What you’ll like is that you can use it right out of the box as the menus are intuitive and helpful. For example, I had put one of the ink cartridges in wrong and the MFP told me which cartridge was wrong and what area to open up to put it in correctly.
You’ll enjoy the three different connectivity options – USB (right to your computer), wired via Ethernet to your computer network, or a built in WiFi card so it can connect to your wireless network.
For an inket printer the printing is quite acceptable. What I liked a lot was the included double sided printing – this not only saves paper, but makes large documents half their normal page count.
Overall HP’s OfficeJet 7780 is a solidly built printing, fax machine and scanner. It’s buttons are intuitive and easy to use. At $449 – it’s an ideal price for small businesses and corporate work groups. Check out more information on HP’s web site.