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4 thoughts on “Small Business Collaboration Tools

  1. John Proffitt

    I think the Google Apps tools — especially including the new JotSpot-powered Google Sites feature — are a pretty good one to include on the list.

  2. sjaves

    I’ve been using Basecamp since last August to collaborate with clients.
    Primarily, each vacation package of note (honeymoons, big family trips, items that require lots of advance planning) gets its own project. It’s a great way to work together with my clients on their trips.
    Benefits to the Client: They can see final payment dates and other important milestones. Send me a message to check on things. Download their documents.
    Benefits to me: the to do’s help me keep on track all the various parts of their trip. I make more money because I keep in touch with each client and can offer addons they never thought about or knew could be done.

  3. annepk

    There are lots of great tools out there. The trick is to find the one that fits how you, the leader, and your team work.
    Admittedly, we are a little biased about the tool we use – In the Know! – because we designed it. As a consulting company, we use it to keep abreast of the 15 or 20 projects we have going at any one time. In some respects, it’s not a typical project management or collaboration tool; we were just looking for a very easy way to track and organize all the projects our team is working on, make sure everyone is on the same page and, most of all, to identify and resolve issues quickly.
    Benefits to our consulting clients: everyone at the company knows exactly what’s going on – even if they’re not assigned to a specific project. It gives us a way to keep track of everything that’s gone on, from project inception to conclusion, which means people new to the team can get up to speed in no time.
    Benefits to us: It only takes a few minutes a week for each of us to update our projects and priorities for the week, which we share in about 30 minutes at our weekly staff meetings (with some of us together and some of us virutal. Nobody complains that their issues aren’t addressed or that they don’t know what everyone else is doing. Bottom line is it’s made for a very collaborative and transparent work environment.
    We try to keep it all very simple. In the Know! is a web-based application. We don’t count seats because we want to encourage everyone on a team to use it (including partners, contractors, or even clients)to access everything they need to know about their projects or who’s doing what.
    We hope you’ll give it a look: is the product website. Let us know what you think.

  4. Akrom Abdurahmanov

    ¬†Working online and paperless is the new business trend. Online based software solutions are dominant in today’s software market. Regarding the Collaboration tools, it is very important that you choose the right product that suits you and your staff. To illustrate, our company has implemented simple ERP package with good Collaboration tool by that met our needs.

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