Unified Communications: What’s In It For Your Small Business?

avaya.gifI thought I knew all about unified communications, however, after listening to Geoffrey Baird, Vice President and General Manager of Avaya, on Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends Radio show, I learned a lot more.

Topics on Anita’s show include:
What can Unified Communications do? — Examples of the convenience it provides would include turning your cell phone into your office phone, checking your email from your cell phone, using your laptop to initiate a conference call or responding to an instant message via video.
What size business will this work for? — Every business can benefit, even companies with as few as ten employees. And for small business in particular, there are different capabilities for your specific needs and they are ever evolving for additional future conveniences.
But that’s just a small portion of what Unified Communications has to offer to small business and in this interview, Geoffrey explains them all. He also explains how these services can assist those in a work from home environment as well.
Listen to the full show here.