What Google’s New Service: Sites.Google.com Means to You

googlesites.jpgTowards the end of last month Google launched a new service, as part of its Google apps offering, Google Sites. This new service, free, is in direct competition to Microsoft Share Point and combined with the suite of Google Apps, competes with Microsoft Office Live, WebOffice, Catalyst Web, Hyper Office, Zoho , Wetpaint , Nuospace, and about 40,000 (maybe not quite that many) other services.

I’ve played around with Google sites and it’s an easy to use and feature rich service. The selling point of Google Apps and this new service in particular is that for free you get a number of services and tools to better collaborate inside and outside your organization. If you pay $50 per year for per user for Google Apps premier you get more support, more professional features and more storage options.
Explore Google Sites yourself and see how it and competing products work for you. There are a number of good choices, the challenge is knowing which one is best for you.
Your local technology expert can be a big help here, keeping in mind that if they are a reseller of a competing product they most likely will steer you to the vendor they have aligned with.