Why Video Creation Is Growing And How You can Leverage It

video-camera2.jpgOver the past few months I’ve been dabbling in video and find it VERY exciting. I was delayed in Phoenix Airport last week and posted some videos right from my cell phone to Youtube. I also posted still pictures right to Flickr. Normally this would just be something ‘cool’ to do and something left to bored geeks and teenagers.

The more I experiment with video and Web 2.0 technologies the more I see them as a powerful communication equalizer and tool for small businesses. The barriers for more and more powerful communication is getting lower and lower.
Television is still a critical and important aspect of our news, entertainment, education and (unfortunately) overall cultural influence. But the HUGE shift that the world of online video technologies brings to this conversation is that anyone who has the cheapest of built in video cell phones or a cheap video camera can produce their own video available for distribution to anyone around the world or around the block.

I’ve been playing with Brightcove (the more business and serious competitor to BrightCove). This platform has a wide range of features that enable you to do much more than upload a video, but to create your own “TV” show with multiple videos, times segments and so much more.
Youtube recently announced a “white label” version to enable publishers to let their audiences post video directly to Youtube without going to Youtube.com directly.
If you are not considering adding video to your company’s outbound communication you need to. I would suggest you take about 60 minutes to get up to speed on the world of online video and why it’s important from someone in your business network. You should then hire someone to work with you to consider developing an online video strategy.
If you are first starting out and are only testing the waters don’t spend more than a few hundred dollars to test the waters, get some guidance and explore.
Some video usage ideas?

  • Record speeches your executives make and distribute online
  • Record fun demonstrations of how to use your product
  • Record interviews with customers
  • Recommend customers send you videos that might be useful for other customers to read

These are just a few ideas to enhance and increase your communication to your customers, partners and employees.
What are some ways YOU are using video?