WiMax: It’s Really Here

For some months we’ve been hearing that WiMax would be launching…apparently it’s here already. The Wall Street Journal reports that many smaller businesses are using WiMax as an alternative, or backup to traditional DSL or cable Internet connections.
Although WiMax is being used there are still concerns you might wish to take note of:
WSJ writes But industry watchers say limitations still exist that may keep many small firms from going the WiMax route. For one thing, the promises of vast mobility have yet to come to fruition, due, in part, to the limited number of WiMax towers up so far. The bulk of the current WiMax offerings still require a wired connection between the satellite dish on the roof and computers in an office to get a signal. The dish itself is wirelessly connected to the nearest WiMax tower. What’s more, experts say many small firms still have concerns about the cost of a WiMax connection and its reliability during inclement weather.