Are Tiny Notebooks For You?

HP7872-mini-notebook.jpgBoth HP, Dell and others are launching small and low cost ($500) notebooks in the 2lb range. This is not the first time that we’ve seen very small computers but it’s an evolution.

HP’s has already launched one with Dell’s to be launched soon. ZD writes about them here here. Read about HP’s computer here.
If you want a real PC (with a traditional Windows operating system), that’s as light as possible, these mini notebooks (or netbooks) might be what you are looking for. On other “non-true-PC” devices you might find that the keyboard is too cramped or its not running Windows, so your choice of applications are limited – as in the case of an advanced smartphone with a peck-able keyboard. Even on mini-notebooks the computers are going to be a bit smaller than you might be accustomed to.

Cnet writes The 2133’s biggest selling point is its fantastic keyboard, which HP claims is 92 percent of the size of a full-size laptop keyboard. Both inexpensive mini-notebooks and high-priced UMPCs have been plagued by tiny Chicklet-like keys, which make typing a pain and typos plentiful. By expanding the keyboard right to the edges of the system, HP was able to fit bigger keys into the tray. The result is a comfortable typing experience. It also presents a unique, eye-catching look.
Make sure you check out Walt Mossberg’s bi-annual notebook buying guide which gives beginners a good overview of what computer is best for them.
Notebook computers are very important and while desktops are useful and are less likely to be stolen, in an increasingly mobile world – notebook computers are much easier to use. If one breaks, just pop-out the hard disk and use another one – going to the disposal world of computing that Ridgely Evers, founder of NetBooks writes about.