Bad Weather, Missing Work and Technology

smiling-computer-user.jpgSometimes small business say one thing and small business marketers (the technology companies who want to sell you things) say something else. What’s interesting is that often the two sides mean the same thing but since the terminology is different you don’t buy the solution.
Just as it takes inputting the right information to get the right results in a search engine, it’s important to clearly know your problem and use a professional to get the right solution.
Gaskin.jpgJames Gaskin, who now writes for, touch on this in a Computer World articled, focusing on Avaya‘s unified communication re-branding strategy and focuses on the solution Avaya put in place.
He writes To help the office-phone-at-home scenario, Avaya builds a VPN client into the IP Phone hardware itself. Take the phone home (couldn’t resist) and plug it into your broadband router, and the VPN client automatically establishes an encrypted link back to the office system for secure calls. Many home routers can do this, but few users know how to set that up or don’t want to dedicate their home router for only office work. The Avaya phone hardware makes security easy, a giant plus for businesses of all sizes.
Do you have traveling employees? Use the cell phone “twinning” feature and their pocket phone becomes an office extension. Employees in remote offices? The VPN client in the phone hardware makes it easier to connect a remote phone securely to the office system. Bad weather? Everyone’s cell phone or softphone on their computer can become an office phone, and work can continue. After all, if you sell over the Web, customers won’t know you have bad weather and will expect their products or services no matter what.

I would highly suggest you read the full article here.