Corporate Compliance of Passwords. Nightmare to Peace: Social Networks & Hosted Applications

myonelogin.gifAlthough some companies are still locking down (and out) access to a variety of online tools and social networks to their employees, I would think that most companies figure it’s a losing battle or in fact have embraced social networks and hosted applications in general and see them as an asset. One of the challenges for enabling access to social networks is ensuring that employees are properly managing their passwords.

It’s not just social networks that are an issue but also other applications such as WebEx, GoogleApps and others which require their own logins as well. Not only do all of these applications require different logins (causing a headache to those using them), accessed through a corporate network, it’s important that they are accessed as securely as possible.
One solution, myOneLogin, by TriCipher enables companies to provide single user name and password access to a variety of applications.
myOneLogin offers various levels of protection, including browser cookies, mutual authentication, certificates and mutual secure socket layer (SSL) connections. The service’s behind-the-scenes architecture ensures that even if employees’ usernames and passwords are compromised, fraudsters would not have the complete credential to connect to applications, protecting data stored on third-party applications.