Do You Know Your Blogger? Is She Worth Your Time and Effort?

It’s a given that you are busy running your business. However, some of you also know that in order to grow and have a steady stream of new customers buying from you, or that existing customers keep your name in mind, that you develop a marketing strategy.
This strategy should be comprised of communications to your existing customers and ways to reach new customers. Part of reaching new customers is via “free media” or having journalists write about your business. Whether this means you are quoted in a local paper, a feature story on your business, one of your customers mentioned, or something else.
Traditional media is quite important. Being featured on television, in the newspaper on the radio, etc. However, with the burst in “citizen journalism” or “bloggers” there is another opportunity to get your business more exposure.
With the increase of blogging there are indeed more opportunities but there’s also caution. With the millions of blogs out there and possibly thousands that would be of specific interest to you, you can easily waste your time.
The key is to find blogs that a) your customers are reading b) are credible c) have an audience size and/or quality that is worth your effort.
The WSJ writes more about this here.