Does Invoicing Give You A Headache? It probably does a lot more.

Creating invoices, can be a pain. If you already use an accounting solution from Intuit (QuickBooks), Sage (Peachtree), Microsoft (Accounting) you have a built in invoicing tool.
For very small businesses, maybe all you do is send an invoice and wait for the check to arrive. There’s a number of online solutions, including some free ones that you might want to consider.
As your business grows, definitely consider a more robust and feature rich accounting (book keeping) solution.
Intuit has a free solution at and at Intuit’s blog you can get an insider’s view of their thinking in making your life easier with this invoicing tool.
Voinvoice, FreshBooks and Intuit’s Billing Manager are three options. They’re all free, but look closely to see which one is best for your business.
Whatever tool you use know that electronic invoicing saves you time, makes you look more professionals and lets you spend more time with customers. Guess what else it helps with? Getting paid. Part of not being paid, by many small businesses, is NOT invoicing customers or not following up on unpaid invoices.