Guaranteed Leads (and more) From Your Cost Per Click Campaigns

Advertising online is relatively simple. If you can order an airline ticket online, you can easily begin the process of advertising your business online. You can use Google, Yahoo, MSN or and place advertising directly on their web sites. You only pay for the clicks you get – traditional cost per click.
The difficult part of CPC advertising is managing the advertising campaign. If you want to really dedicate yourself to online advertising and really promoting a product or service your business sells it really takes daily commitment, dedication and of course expertise.
This expertise includes knowing which keywords to use, creating the advertising copy (brevity is the key here), creating landing pages for each keyword or advertisement. These and I’m sure more things are so important for a successful advertising campaign.
One option you may want to consider is using the newly launched services of which does all of this for you for one monthly fee. The price depends on your industry and how many guaranteed leads you want to receive.

In addition to managing a traditional cost per click campaign,’s service can also track incoming phone calls and email leads from your campaign. makes a replica of your web site (or at least the relevant sales pages) and provides you with a toll free number. You get an accurate log of phone calls to that number. For email, you’ll receive a special email form so that customers who want to get in touch with you via email can easily do so. These emails are also logged for you.
Intuit’s Homestead Search Light offers a service similar to that of