Integrate File Sending On Your Web Site

YouSendIt is what I use to send large files to people. It’s fast and easy to use.
If your business routinely needs clients to send you large files, has another solution: SiteDrop which lets you embed a file transfer tool right on your web site. I think it’s pretty neat.
Tools like this, are going to really differentiate how small businesses serve their customers. Maybe you can’t spend thousands of dollars to compete head on with, LandsEnd or other great brands with deep pockets of money. But you can leverage free and low cost tools to develop easier ways for your customers to interact with you and for you to interact with them.
In a few easy steps, SiteDrop is configured and embedded into a Web site and can then begin to receive files of any type including video, images, music and confidential documents. Once a file(s) is uploaded, the SiteDrop owner will be notified and can download the file(s) at any time. SiteDrop allows businesses to manage all file delivery and server notifications as well as capture data from those uploading files for future use, such as in marketing campaigns, order tracking and communication. In addition, SiteDrop offers the same YouSendIt customer service standards including e-mail and Web chat customer support.