Is It Time to Upgrade Your Email Newsletter With Behavioral Targetting

I know some of you have been using email newsletters for years, but many of you have only just begun. And then some of you have just now starting using email newsletters and feel bombarded about upgrading your web site, putting together a blog and using social networking.
However, let’s GO BACK to email marketing for a minute. Right now many of you are using Constant Contact, iContact or some other email marketing tool for your email newsletter – and that’s good. However, if you really want to drive MORE sales, it’s time to consider behavioral marketing.
Things means that NOT EVERY CUSTOMER GETS THE SAME EMAIL. Sure the basic email is the same. But behavioral email marketing means that Jenny, who likes red shoes gets an email with photos of red shoes and a red hand bag. While bob who likes yellow ties, gets an email with images of yellow socks. You can tell I’m NOT a fashion guru – but you get my point – right?
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