Nebraska Roads & Avatars: Making Your Web Site Effective

sophie-says.jpgWhen people visit your web site – are you do everything you can to smartly engage them and ensure your web site is as effective as possible?
Sitepal, maker of the popular avatars that you see on web sites, has published a guide to help you get the most out of your avatar.
Some of the tips include:

  • Have a clear goal
  • Use the character for a clear “call to action”
  • Keep the message brief and to the point
  • Choose the right model for your audience

Just because you can add an avatar to your web site doesn’t mean you should just throw it up there. Like any other communication tool you use on your web site, you have to ensure the message your are communicating is properly delivered.

The Nebraska Department of Roads has an avatar from Sitepal on their web site. Using an avatar, an otherwise boring web site, comes to life. I think Nebraska’s web site leaves a LOT to be desired and could use a complete redesign and visual upgrade – getting away from the plain text and table design of its web site.
On the other hand, web site Sophie Says is quite visually appealing and you can tell the web site owners have spent time to give their customers as pleasant a shopping experience as possibly – while integrating a nice avatar for that “personal” touch.
If you are looking for ways to enhance the communication options on your web site blogs, discussion boards, video and avatars can surely help.