No More Back and Forth Scheduling Meetings. Let Technology Help

What I really like about technology is that it enables you to do more with less. Implementation of the right technology solutions can save you time, “giving you back” the time so you can focus on other things that are more profitable or that are worth more of your time.
Used properly, technology can save you time, save you money, increase revenue and overall make you more productive.
I touched on this a few hours ago at an Inc Magazine breakfast on Using Technology to Grow and Stay Competitive
One example of this type of technology that saves time (which is money for many of us) is Tungle, which I referenced in February.
Tungle is an Outlook add-in that lets you easily schedule appointments. Normally you email someone a date and time, they email you back an alternate and you go from there. If you need to schedule with 3 or 7 people it gets even more complicated. With Tungle you input all the times you are available and it coordinates a free time with everyone else. covers it in more detail here. Check it out yourself. It’s well worth the free download.

One thought on “No More Back and Forth Scheduling Meetings. Let Technology Help

  1. saraht

    This looks like it can save a lot of hassle; will have to give it a try. Can’t believe it’s available free. Thanks for the pointer.

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