Photo Editing Minus the Software

adboe-photoshopexpress.jpgEditing photos is not easy. I’ve used Paint Shop Pro for years and find it quite complicated. Of course Adobe is the leading photo editing software vendor with Adobe Photoshop and related software leading the market as the “de facto” standard for most graphic artists.

Recently Adobe launched Photoshop Express, which makes it pretty easy for just about anyone, including a busy small business person to edit their own photos. Photoshop Express is pleasantly simple and fun to use.
If you need images for brochures, marketing material or other things is a great resource. I really like their images and their service. From time to time you’ll have your own photos and want to edit them. Check out Adobe Photoshop Express. It’s free, easy to use and just enough features to make your photos better or add some fun special effects.
Although for major photo editing you’ll probably want to install a heavy duty image editing program. But more and more, as online applications get better – firing up a web browser will be the easiest, fastest and most economical way to use a program.