Portable Storage In A World Of Hosted Applications and Online Backup

wdfMyPassport_Elite.jpgWestern Digital recently released a new component in its family of portable hard drives, My Passport Elite Portable USB Drives.
This new drive is a bit softer than other drives which makes it easier to hold and grip.

It’s less than 5 ounces, holds 320 or 250 GB and requires no external power adapter. Perfect as an accessory for your beach clothing. Cost is 250 GB ($169.99) and 320 GB ($199.99).
What got me thinking, was that as more and more of us store our data online and/or use online backup solutions (HP’s Upline is very good, and Carbonite works splendidly) is there still a need for mobile external storage? [Pause] The answer is yes.
Portable hard drives

  • enable you to backup data when there is no Internet access
  • enable you to store large files separate from your hard disk – saving space
  • give you an alternative form of backup
  • allows you to carry you ENTIRE hard disk with you and use any other computer – if needed

Find out more about Western Digital’s latest device here.