Product Review – HP Upline: File Sharing & Backup

hpupline.jpgLast week HP launched HP Upline, an outgrowth of an acquisition. This new service from HP (file sharing and backup) is only one step in fast journey by HP and other PC vendors to offer products and services beyond what we have traditionally known them to sell – computers.

For $300 (actually $299 – but I hate “9’s”) per year, HP gives you and 2 others, unlimited online (and offline) back up, file sharing, file publishing and remote file access. There’s single user accounts as well for less.
File sharing sends someone a link for them to open a file you want to share with them. No bulky email attachments. With file publishing viewers can access a document via a web link. What’s neat about file publishing is that the published files are automatically updated when a change is made and you re-upload the file to your HP Upline account. So you might want 50 people on your team to have the latest copy of a document – file publishing is the way to ensure that happens.
Having ONE service that brings the best of file sharing and online backup together is worth considering. If you have more than one employee, HP’s Upline reduces the hassle of having multiple accounts to pay. You can have one dashboard for all your employee online file management needs.

I use a combination of Carbonite and Yousendit for my online backup and file sharing needs and find HP’s combination quite useful and competitively priced.
True to its tradition as a leader in off-line backup solutions, HP’s Upline does not only backup online but you can also direct it to backup to CD, DVD or other offline storage device.
I would encourage you to check out HP’s Upline for yourself, you can get a free account, and see if it’s for you.
Some things I would like to see improved:

  • When publishing, more intuitively show where the web address of the published file
  • Enable file sharing of files on your computer that have not been uploaded to Upline. Currently only uploaded files can be shared

What I liked best about HP Upline:

  • The solution has a software and online access component, thus, you can work via the web or via a software interface
  • A small window in the lower right of your screen gives quick access to share, publish, remote access.

What does this mean for your business.
You’ll find that more and more of the services you need to grow your business are going to be available from a wide variety of sources. Many people share documents with Google Docs, now their’s HP Upline. Going forward it would be VERY smart for HP to add more services to HP Upline such as email, calendaring, intranet and more. Snapping up HyperOffice or some other service not yet owned by a big company would be a smart move as well.
On the other hand, be careful. If you put all your eggs in one basket and something happens to the basket well you lose all your eggs. When choosing a company to work with consider:

  • How long they have been in business
  • Their track record
  • Local support options (as relevant to the service)
  • Price (free does not mean you should sign up blindly)
  • Their upgrade path (will they be on version 1.0 for the next 80 years)

PS – You know who else is affected by this change? The local computer reseller/consultant. These guys (mainly) have sold computer and computer related services for years, now, thanks to the flurry of additional products/services by the HPs of the world your local reseller can sell more services to you.

3 thoughts on “Product Review – HP Upline: File Sharing & Backup

  1. Matthew

    I signed up for Upline in the first week of launch. It went down that week, and I received a free year out of it, so I commend HP on that front.
    For very basic users, this service should be perfect.
    A few Gripes:
    1. You cannot simply specify a folder to be backed up, and have all it’s contents be backed up. Upline is based on File types, so if you haven’t setup a particular file extension, it won’t back it up. Next, if the file does not have a file extension, Upline in unable to back it up.
    2. After the service was down and then it came back online, my files were re-backed up, causing duplicate files on their end. HP will not remove the duplicates for security reasons, so I have to manually filter through 30 GB of data on their clunky web interface.
    For the price, it is worth it, but I would like to see the above gripes addressed.

  2. tomdupon

    Interesting discussion! Full disclosure: I work for NomaDesk. I’d like to add our product to the mix here: We offer small businesses and digital nomads a file sharing / synchronization / backup solution – like HP’s upline, but with synchronization on top.
    Feel free to download a free trial at
    Looking forward to your feedback.
    Tom Dupon
    Online marketing manager NomaDesk

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