Simple and Low Cost File Synchronization: Where Are All The VPN’s

It seems like only a few years ago that technology vendors were clamoring to sell Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPNs are hardware and/or software that enables computers to security connect to one another.
However, what I’ve seen is a growth (a HUGE growth in fact) in online services for remote file access. Some of these services are free and many of the better ones are fee based. VPNs are still in use and needed but with the growth of low cost and very easy to use online file sharing services, VPNs (complex and expensive) are really growing to be a think of the past.
Some of the services only do one thing – help you share files. While other services, such as online collaboration suites (WebEx’s WebOffice, HyperOffice, Microsoft OfficeLive / OfficeWorkspace and so many more) have these features built in. Walt Mossberg, WSJ, raved about a new service – SharpCast’s SugarSync.
Based on his reviews and others (Computer World’s) it’s an AWESOME tool that I’d highly suggest you take a look at if you want to have files in one computer synchronized with another computer and available online.
Of course remote control tools like PC Anywhere, GoToMyPC, Logmein and LapLink’s suite of tools have, for years, been helping people access their computers remotely.