Small Changes In Online Sales Can Make Big Boosts in Profit / Revenue

When you are at the top of your game, whether it is in sports, career, education or any number of other things where you compete with others or against yourself there is ALWAYS room for improvement., most would agree, is the leader in selling online. I think just about every other online retailer can benchmark themselves against
However, even though they are one of the best, they always look for ways to improve their sales. Whether it’s improving customer service or improving their web site – it all goes to increasing sales.
FutureNow writes about a very small change has done which will go to boost sales.
Here’s a before image:
Check out FutureNow for the after image and details.
What does this mean for YOUR business?

If your web site is already good – talk to a web designer, preferably one who is an expert in online sales and knows conversion tactics and etc – about how to make it better.
In a “down” economy and with small businesses having to fight for every sale, every increase in sales and every additional percentage of turning a browser into a buyer means more revenue and/or profit into your pocket.
As more sales move online – away from phone, catalog and retail store, it’s all the more important to maximize razor thing margins.
Tweaking your web site design is one way to do this. Beyond web design, its so important to ensure you FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER. Are you serving their needs? Is their email being answered in time? Are you exceeding their expectations? Are you segmenting customers? Paying special attention to repeat customers, for example.

One thought on “Small Changes In Online Sales Can Make Big Boosts in Profit / Revenue

  1. saraht

    It’s incredible how the changes Amazon implemented are really subtle ones, but ones which end up making a big different in conversion. It’s important to try applying these changes to your sites, to see whether improvements can be made – again go for subtle changes not drastic ones. Conduct some A/B testing to compare one style with another, etc. Of course it’s very important to track everything, otherwise everything is pretty much in vain.

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