The Feature Rich, Evolving and Confusing World of Telephony: Voice to SMS

telephone-rotary.jpgThere are dozens and dozens of cute, useful, interesting, and powerful telephony tools for your small business to consider using.
These tools often can save you time and money and help you communicate in new ways. Some of them are wastes of time and merely cute toys but most leverage the power of the Internet to provide small businesses with solutions that our parents and grand parents would have never dreamed of.
One new service you might want to consider is MOBIVOX.

MOBIVOX’s main service is a membership based service where members (membership is free) can call each other for free. There’s a few “catches” to consider, but it’s a service like many VOIP telephone services offering cheap or free calls via the Internet.
A new service recently launched by MOBIVOX, “Send Message” and “Call me button” is pretty interesting.

With the “send message” feature members can send text messages (SMS) and emails using just their voice. It empowers every phone (mobile and even landline phones) to send SMS and emails, and enables the user to send a text-based message without the need to type on the phone’s small numeric keypad.
The Call Me button is a widget that members can drop into their e-mail signatures or onto social network profiles, blogs, auction sites and other Web pages, enabling them to receive calls from around the world, while keeping their phone numbers private.
I know, there’s a CONFUSING array of neat telephony solutions – frankly quit overwhelming – but this is GOOD for small businesses. Services like MOBIVOX mean that small businesses have options, like never before, to leverage enhanced communication tools in their business.