When Marketing Online: Conquer Your Niche

McKenna-patrick-dmi.jpgWhen marketing your business, you might feel a bit overwhelmed thinking of your marketplace. Maybe you sell carpet for very prestigious homes in Tennessee.

You could focus on marketing your business using a variety of media. However, through online marketing you can focus on your particular NICHE. Instead of focusing on the entire carpet industry, you can narrow down into particular zip codes and demographics that would be ideal customers for you. Using Google’s key word tool you can type in keywords and get guidance on what words might work best for your online advertising campaign.
Parick McKenna, CEO of DMi Partners offers the following advice:
All companies, regardless of size, should include a digital aspect to any planned marketing campaign. A small company, however, that has a niche that it can leverage in its digital marketing strategy can compete within that niche against much larger companies – and they can even win.

All companies must develop a digital marketing strategy that focuses on their core competitive advantages and gets their message in front of the market segment with whom your competitive advantage resonates.
Developing the expertise to compete across the suite of digital marketing strategies is a truly daunting task, however, there is a lot of information publicly available that can give small companies a decent foundation of information. Obviously, there are many digital agencies that can aid companies in addressing this gap – both from detailed level on the implementation side and from a higher level on the strategy side, however, there can be a relatively significant cost in doing so. DMi, however, shares the risk with their clients. Through the DMi Shared Growth business model, our compensation is tied to the results we achieve for you. Which keeps our focus on what works to build your bottom line.

As you look to market your business online, work with a professional who can help guide you into getting maximum effectiveness of your investment.

  • Your web site must look good
  • Your customer service needs to be superb
  • The sales and marketing copy you use should be well crafted
  • Ensure you you are reaching the right customer profile

Check out OpenAd Net to find a directory of advertising agencies and creative ideas.

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