Archive of May 2008

Color Printing…No Waiting

You send a last minute version of your spreadsheet to the network color printer as you’re heading to a meeting. You rush by to grab your printout and go, until you see that flashing light showing another job in the print queue before yours – a huge, slow-printing, image-loaded file. And no, strangling the guy […]

WiMAX: Faster and Longer-Distance Wireless Service

WiMax is wireless technology that will be faster and have a longer range than WiFi. I wrote about this for For several years, thanks to a big marketing push by Intel, we have been using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet without tethering our computers with wires. While Wi-Fi has its benefits, the limits […]

Mac Users: Neat Receipts is Finally Here

As Macs continue to gain popularity with regular people, peripheral hardware manufacturers are stepping up and making more products that are compatible. The latest entry comes from NEAT Receipts, which has created a version of their popular scanner specifically for the Mac platform. “We developed NEAT Receipts for Mac because Mac users and our customers […]

Barriers to A Corporate Digital Strategy: It’s Not Money or Lack of Resources

Although many companies, especially larger ones, have embraced all or parts of digital media communication, there’s many more who have not embraced a strategy for marketing and overall communicating online. Keep in mind having a blog is a start, but it’s not a corporate strategy. Although some of the reasons could be lack of money […]

Storage As A Service: Beyond Just Online Backup

Backing up your data to an online data storage service is just the tip of the iceberg for a complete backup strategy. While you all know you should backup your data, research indicates that many of you are not backing up your data or doing it correctly. Dell offers free online backup, HP has a […]