A Dashboard for Your Businesses Financial Information

mybizhomepage.jpgDashboards and gauges are important for so many things we do in life. The microwave timer is a “dashboard” so we know how long the microwave has been heating good. The gauge for battery life on your notebook is another important part of our lives. A gauge we always look at is the power and signal bars on our cell phones.
Getting closer to our business – what about the gauges for our Google adwords purchases or web log statistics? Having financial data for your accounting program is also important. Knowing what accounts need to be paid, what money is coming in and what cash you have on hand.
As Yahoo, Google and Live all have personalized dashboards for news, finances and other things – MyBizHomePage provides one central place for key business data as well.
What I find quite ironic is that neither Sage, Intuit or Microsoft have widget like dashboards available for their financial programs – yet. Each time I meet with these companies I bring this issue up. It would be great to have a small icon on your task bar, or a widget that you could customize to show a variety of different financial or other indicators. Imagine a round icon that was red when available cash dipped below some pre-set amount or was pink when a new client paid their first check.
I hope MyBizHomePage expands beyond 9 modules but also includes modules for Google, web site logs and more. What about hooking into SuccessFactors and including a module for HR indicators.