Barriers to A Corporate Digital Strategy: It’s Not Money or Lack of Resources

Although many companies, especially larger ones, have embraced all or parts of digital media communication, there’s many more who have not embraced a strategy for marketing and overall communicating online. Keep in mind having a blog is a start, but it’s not a corporate strategy.
Although some of the reasons could be lack of money or know how, Clickz writes that it’s something more.
An organization is a living, breathing, dynamic ecosystem comprised of people with different roles, compensation plans, career goals, motivations, work ethics, and tolerance levels for change. It has many levels of business processes, decision-making, and bureaucracy. Although companies won’t admit it, there are always competing and conflicting business goals within the same company between different business units, divisions, and personnel.
When a company injects “digital” into an established corporate structure, major organizational changes must take place within the company. The companies that do digital well understand and implement changes to their corporate structure so they can fully embrace digital. Planning and implementing these changes are incredibly difficult because they affect every part of an organization’s ecosystem. To succeed and to stay in business, you’ve got to do it.