Beyond Traditional Web Sites. Opportunities for Marketing Your Business

I’m a huge proponent that every business owner should have their own web site. A well designed web site and domain name. After this, an email newsletter and blog would be additional communication tools to definitely invest in.
However, it’s clear that building a web site or more is simply not what every business can do. Frankly, I don’t know why when in fact many web hosts enable you to CALL them to build your web site.
Another option, for busy small business owners is to create a webcard. has a platform to enable you to get an online presence that focuses on your local geographic location.
For under $100 a year and in under 10 minutes, a local advertiser, can create a Webcard listing that includes all the pertinent information found on a website, including video links and even coupons, and can use that Webcard listing URL as a mini-website to promote their business. Webcard listings are even indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo!
You can check out a sample webcard of Sibby’s Cupcakery in San Mateo, California here.

With Homestead, recently purchased by Intuit, Microsfot’s OfficeLive, and so many others making it pretty easy to build a web site, I really don’t see why every small business should not have one.
Constant Contact and iContact‘s email newsletter services are very easy to use, so an email newsletter should be a piece of cake. Blogs might be a bit complex but and make it quite simple to build a blog.
I guess that’s the beauty of the web giving businesses a multitude of choices to create a web presence – is one of those choices.

One thought on “Beyond Traditional Web Sites. Opportunities for Marketing Your Business

  1. Boz1200

    This is def interesting… I am still a little unsure of why a small business would want to pay $100 for the Webcard listing when they could get a regular Website for close to the same amount — probably $30-80 more tops.

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