Color Printing…No Waiting

You send a last minute version of your spreadsheet to the network color printer as you’re heading to a meeting. You rush by to grab your printout and go, until you see that flashing light showing another job in the print queue before yours – a huge, slow-printing, image-loaded file. And no, strangling the guy from Marketing who sent the behemoth presentation to the printer isn’t going to speed it up (no matter how satisfying it might be at that moment).
Xerox’s latest multifunction printer, the WorkCentre(r) 7346, promises to take this frustration out of the workplace and keep office printing humming.

It’s the company’s latest color MFP that speeds through a range of documents, from everyday business reports like Excel spreadsheets, to graphic-rich color presentations and brochures. The system features print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute (ppm) in color and 45 ppm in black and white, a fast 667MHz processor, 1.5 GB of memory, and a 40 GB hard drive.
While documents with complex images traditionally slow down print jobs, the new Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery(r) print server for the WorkCentre 7300 series speeds up the process. As a result, the WorkCentre 7346 and print server combination are suited for offices that need to print a variety of files, such as marketing and publishing groups. In addition, the EFI Fiery print server provides easy-to-use color management controls for ensuring color accuracy.
“Offices of any size thrive on speed,” said Russell Peacock, president of Xerox Office Group. “And at the same time, they demand quality, affordable technology. It’s a tall order that the WorkCentre 7346 delivers. This system is designed to cut down the print queue so that employees can send a file to the printer, grab and go. No wait time means more work gets done.”

The WorkCentre 7346 starts at $15,199 and the EFI Fiery print server starts at $4,099. For more information, visit .
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,