Convincing Management to Pay for A Web Site Update

Many of you are small business owners, so you are “management”. However, for those of you who are managers and need to convince a business owner or someone else to invest in updating your web site, Marketingsherpa offers some great advice.
Many small business owners know that their web site is important, however, with so many things on their mind and so many ways money must be allocated they might need some “convincing” that the webs site is indeed a priority.
The three steps you should do are:

  • Step #1. Conduct a third-party site diagnostic
  • Step #2. Identify quick fixes with big benefits
  • Step #3. Monitor results
  • Step #4. Present findings to management

Step number 2 is critical. You might be tempted to go with a HUGE fix that takes some time and more money. But if you can find a few quick fixes that will generate big results, you’ll be better off.
Dave Ramsey gives the same advice for getting out of credit card debt – start with the credit cards that have a low balance.