Creating A Customer Service and Sales Team By Mobilizing Your Staff

mobile-man.jpgHaving defined roles for staff is important. You need staff in accounting to handle the finances of your business. You need your marketing team to ensure that your message gets out. Sales is critical – or you don’t have money. HR is important or you have no staff.
However, think of a world where ALL of your staff were encouraged, empowered and enabled to spend 1 or 2 days a week with customers. They could spend a few hours getting work done or at a Starbucks, client site or other non-office location.
The way to make this happen is to ensure that employees can access their corporate office from anywhere.
Implementing voice to email, remote file access, presence awareness, telephone number follow me and other features are all critical to make this happen.
Reporters have a much more difficult, or different job when they want to go mobile, but reading this story, from Editor & Publisher, about how journalists are going more mobile will be quite encouraging to you and might give you some good ideas.

One advantage of this scenario is that you can save office space and/or at least optimize it. As more staff need less traditional offices you might find room for more conference space or networking locations – within you office.
The Editor & Publisher article reads Some even predict the “mojo” concept could lead to editors and some non-journalistic staffers working outside the office. With most editing, ad placement, layout, and design done on computers anyway, it’s conceivable that the newsroom as it exists today could be eliminated, with folks working from home, their car, or even the local Starbucks. “It is easy to imagine a day when that will happen,” says Keith Woods, dean of faculty at The Poynter Institute. “We are technologically in a place where we can already do that.”