Creating Videos for Online Advertisement: Mix and Click.

spotmixer.jpgThere’s a growing number of companies helping small businesses create videos for their businesses to display online. Text and traditional banner advertising are nice, but nothing catches the eye as powerful as video.
Spotmixer makes a pretty simple, yet powerful, and economical solution for you, or your smart marketing manager, to create your own video advertisement for showcasing online.
Use Spotmixer and pick a template, and your images and video (Spotmixer supplies the music), add your logo, URL, contact information and other things and Spotmixer does the rest. For a low monthly fee (6 months for $60 a month) you can run your video advertisement on Google and other places.
Spotmixer competes in some way with Spotrunner (which lets you select and modify pre-created advertisements for television) and more specifically Additall (which lets you select pre-packaged video or create your own to run online).