eBay Sellers: Boost Sales With Video

vzaar.jpgWhen eBay was “hot” it was the go to place to buy and sell. Now, of course there’s a lot more competition – Amazon, Yahoo, Craig’s List, Google and so many other places facilitate low cost e-commerce transactions.
In addition, with eBay’s increased sales rates, per item, a number of eBay sellers have switched allegiance to Amazon.com or other marketplaces. However, with all of this, eBay is still a booming place for business. Adding video to your eBay sales can make increase the chances you’ll make a sale or get higher prices for your bid. Vzaar is something you should try out.
Unlike other video services, vzaar’s video player has been designed specifically to aid commerce. For the first time vital information, such as seller feedback and bidding time left on the auction is automatically displayed at the end of every video.
vzaar enables buyers to get a clear look at what they are purchasing and watch it in action. vzaar makes it easy for sellers to add video into their listings, drive bids and move more inventory. And unlike still images or slideshows, videos have audio, enabling sellers to communicate more effectively, describe their services and inspire trust.

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