Enhancing Your Web Site’s Communication Productivity

trackvia.gifI know that was a mouth full (the title of this post) but I think it best illustrates the advice I’m about to share with you.
Building a web site with a very good interface is important – in fact it can be absolutely crucial to boosting sales online or at least having customers call or email you for more information.
One of the most basics parts of your web site is the “contact us” form. For many web sites, the “contact us” form is simply a way to get emails from your online audience/customers to your in-box. This works when you only have a few emails but if you get dozens or hundreds of emails a day, you want a better way to manage the load.
Online database tools are one of the best and easiest ways to do this. Trackvia has a low cost and simple to use database which can help with a number of tasks. For those of you stuck using Excel – Trackvia is a solution that can bring your Excel data alive and make it available online.
In regards to websites, one feature you’ll really want to consider is Trackvia’s web forms. Using this tool, people who want to “contact you” will have their email message automatically entered into a database. This way you or your staff can easily track and manage incoming email. You could also, of course go beyond a simple email form and embed and use Trackvia to enter information about whatever you need immediately into a database – no double entry.
Other online databases to consider are Intuit’s QuickBase and DabbleDB.