Etiquette In an Electronic World: Lose Money or More If You’re Not Careful

When eating at a dinner table, we don’t lick other people’s fingers. When introducing a guest we don’t smack them in the head. But sometimes when we communicate with others via fax, email or phone we are not communicating clearly. Sometimes this lack of communication is simply an inconvenience for the receiver of our communication at other times we can do damage or lose money.
I received a fair number of phone calls and often times the caller speak so fast I can’t get their name or their telephone number. They don’t get a call back.
When using email “Many times we use email to replace what would have been a note, memo, or letter. In using email, make sure it looks professional. For example, what you send might be printed out and be distributed to other people. Therefore, when it’s a memo, make sure it looks like a memo. Also, carefully check the grammar and spelling. Many word processing programs help us “clean up” our copy. That’s not always the case with email. The correct punctuation and salutation should be remembered.”

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