How Telephone Service Helps a Wedding Planning Business. Ideas For Your Business

telephone-rotary.jpgWhat gets me most excited about technology is hearing real stories of how real small businesses can BOOST their business using technology.
Virtual phone service, Ring Central recently touted one of its customers Matthew Allen Weddings and Events which recently used Ring Central and has soon their business boost. There are two key features they like:
1. They can assign certain clients to the Ring Central address book so when customers call they can be greeted by name and Matthew Allen Weddings and Events staff know who is calling before they pick up the phone.
2. Being able to record and play back phone calls is also important. For example, during a recent wedding, the bride pre-recorded, over the phone, a tribute to her grandfather that was played aloud as he escorted her down the aisle.
This is one example of one product, but imagine how much more you could do for your customers if you took the time to harness technology to grow your business.
Other virtual telephone services include: Gotvmail, and OneBox.