If A Farmer Told You, Would You Listen: Tech as an Investment Not a Cost

farmer.jpgBusinesses have lawyers and they have accountants, but how many have dedicated technology consultants? Not many.

Beyond having a technology plan, many business owners, do not consider technology as an investment, instead they think of it as a cost. Read “Technology Rules for Growing Businesses” for more on this.
Maybe you THINK that by not investing money on technology you are saving money. However, by not spending money on technology you are actually losing money – and a LOT of money in some cases.

CNN writes, about a farmer, consider technology for growing his crops, “When Martin Barbre got his first look three years ago at a system that would drive his tractor for him, he didn’t buy the device — or the premise that it would cut costs on his farm. “When they first came out with them and we first looked at it, it seemed like a fancy gadget,” said Barbre, a 53-year-old who grows corn and soybeans in southern Illinois.
But with the cost of fuel, seeds, fertilizer and just about everything else it takes to grow his crops rising fast, Barbre quickly came around after he started using the global positioning system to drive his tractor a year and a half ago. “As soon as we used it, we realized the benefits,” he said.”
Farmer Barbre now saves 5% on fuel costs. He’s looking to save even more money from implementing other technologies. If Barbre can invest in farm technology in his business – you must consider using CRM, email marketing, blogs, web sites, wireless networks and other technologies to make your business more productive!