Is It Time for An Apple In Your Business

apple-businessweek.jpg(Photo to the left from Business Week)I’ve been a PC user all my life and am not rushing to buy an Apple Macintosh computer system. However, I do have 2 Apple products in my home. 2 iPod’s in fact. Like many Americans and other users around the world who don’t have any other Apple products, the iPod’s or one of its many cousins is our first experience with Apple. We love it.

Business Week has a very interesting story
which helps us think – is it time for more Apple computers inside of corporate America.
The answer hinges on 2 very “simple” things. 1) Does Apple have the infrastructure to serve the corporate market. No. 2) Is there an infrastructure of service and support setup for servicing Mac computers. No.

This system for consumers is in place. You just ship your computer to Apple or go to the nearest Apple store – for what I understand is quite competent and friendly service. However, if you’re a small business owner and you have 15 Apple computers, who do you call to service them. Sure there’s a handful of Apple repair experts around, but not nearly the size as their are for computers and PC based servers.
If you have someone (well a backup and a backup to the backup) who can service your computers, like Linux, you’ll be fine. However, for most of us, if you need support and you have an Apple computer – you might not get all the help you can get if you had a PC.
Business Week gives some very valid reasons for buying Apple – for corporations a) cool software b) we live in a more web centric world c) we want to use what more people are using at home or in school.