Is Your InBox Turning Into A Box of Pain? Here’s some help.

In some industries people are used to having their voice mail boxes filled with voice mail.
However, there’s far more of us, I would guess, who deal with a daily battle of email inbox overflow. Email comes in all shapes, sizes and types. There’s the real important email that you just can’t help getting. Action items from your boss, emails from your employees/colleagues and of course email from family.
The other email, which could be equally important but of a different type, are those emails that are cc’d to you for your information. You might not need to act on them directly but you do have to receive them.] Of course the spam, jokes and email you get because someone keeps ccing you on a conversation is simply a waste of your time, for the most part.
Amit Mital, general manager of Microsoft’s Live Mesh, and formerly of Office Live Meeting and BizTalk gave some advice in how to handle an inbox to Cnet. For email power users, you might know much of this already, but you can always learn something. I did.